I Have Something to Say About New Years Resolutions…

If you’re reading this… thanks already.

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Otherwise, read on sister. 

Hey you! Congrats! You did it! You got through 2018 and came out the other side. F’kin rights!

You’ve made it one more lap around the sun. That’s a big feat, sister. A BIG trek. A BIG fricken deal. You must be sweatin’.

Not everyone who started 2018 was given the same gift to finish it. But you, you did- and here we are, ready to do it all again.

You likely went through some shit this past year, heck, we all did- and you’ve officially survived everything the last 12 months managed to throw at you. Again, without judgement for the past year, that in itself is something to celebrate.

So, just like that, 2018 is over, and here we are, at the starting block of 2019 waiting for the gun to fire so we can power into January like Usain on the 100m track. BOOM! We’re off! … No looking back! Motivation! Excitement! We feel it in our bones! Let’s doooooo this! 

January 1st: The day when the rest of the world seems to take notice of the stuff I scream from the roof-tops about daily in my office- “set goals!”, “work on your personal development!”, “prioritize and organize!”, “move your damn body!” “practice self-care!”, “fuel yourself”- yadda, yadda, yadda.

So NOW everyone is ready to join forces to do the things I LOVE to do: make plans, organize, schedule and goal-set. Welcome aboard! I’ve been waiting for you!

It feels good to have this fresh slate full of potential goals doesn’t it? To have a dream? to have a vision? to have something to manifest and work towards? It’s like a warm blanket of comfort draped over your soul at all times- giving you the slightest feeling of security, coupled with a little pressure to succeed- a slight sense of passion- a hint of becoming something more- of having a mission- of waking up with purpose and passion. A little fire burning deep inside you creating this internal alarm clock that say’s “Let’s go tackle the day, girlfriend”. Fuck… I love goals.

You know, the NEW year, the NEW you, the NEW ambitions, goals, creativity and pursuits you’re going to overcome- I’m rooting for you.

As a lifestyle and fitness coach for the last 6 years, I’ve seen my fair share of New Year’s Resolutioner’s. I’ve seen the parade of excitement through my office on January 1st and the faces of disappointment come February when the expectations and reality haven’t quite worked in unison, the non- paralleled efforts not quite manifesting the list of short-term goals tacked to your office cork board. Sigh.

BUT, want to know what else I’ve seen? Women (and men) who have put their foot down and DEMANDED change and fricken GOT IT- I’ve seen miracles, transformations, transformative mindsets, bodies, relationships, confidence. I’ve seen it, man. It happens. ALL. THE. TIME. I’m telling ya- we’re not all doomed. New Year’s Resolutions DO WORK… but of course, only if you do.

So I ain’t gonna be the fitness coach that rains on your “healthy me 2019” parade, hell no– Instead, I’m here today to WELCOME you to the goal-setting club, to the improvement and betterment club, to the happiness club, to the early morning wake ups, water drinking, vitamin-ing and self-caring extravaganza that is about to go down. It feels fuckin’ good to take care of yourself. I suggest you partake- and I’m here to support you from the sidelines if you choose to. And if so, I’m proud of you. Just making a CHOICE to better yourself is already a small act of self-love: now, let’s catalyze that and show you what a beautiful and unique human you are when you put your best foot forward.

You NEED to know, that everything you need in order to create the life you dream of for 2019 is within’ you RIGHT NOW, at this moment. Without the books, the coaches, the money, resources or the extra time. It’s already there. Do ya’ feel it? That internal drive manifesting itself within your soul just waiting to grow, expand and stretch you into your most authentic self? Tap into that badass bitch and let’s roll with her this year. She’s a North-star for great things and we need to trust her instincts sometimes. She knows your potential. She’s gonna push you.

Screen Shot 2019-01-01 at 10.04.58 AM

What I DON’T suggest you partake in: is self-sabotage and self-loathing when you screw up- when you vowed to workout 3x per week and by the end of week 2 you’ve only made it once. Don’t just stop. When you’ve proclaimed, you’re eating a salad for lunch every day and you somehow find yourself in the Wendy’s drive-thru at 3PM ‘cause you’re starved and have to get the kids to hockey practice. Don’t just stop. When you vowed to quit drinking booze to get your fitness under wraps and within’ a month you’re splitting a bottle of wine with your girlfriends. Don’t just stop. When you’re quitting smoking for GOOD this time and your spouse pisses you off to the point where a puff and a moment of solitude is absolutely needed. Don’t just stop.

To become better and do better does not require perfection. It requires effort. If you show up for yourself each day and put in an effort this year to grow, stretch, learn, move, listen and be a better human being- that is enough.

If you’re full of passion and desire to reach new heights but are unsure where to start, I have some suggestions for ya’.

1. Don’t go through the process of goal-setting overwhelm– Let’s be honest, you’re not going to climb Mount Everest, run 3 marathons, get married, open your own Biz, write a book, make a million bucks AND get accepted to Med School in 2019. People tend to OVER-estimate what they can do in 1 year and UNDER-estimate what they can do in 5. So, spread that shit out over the long haul- you’re a champion sister, but you’re also human.

SO, what do you want to BE, HAVE and SEE in 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, 3 years, 5 years’ time? Look ahead and break your big goals down into bite size pieces. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.

2. Pick a THEME for the year– I’ve have become accustomed to picking theme’s to represent life decisions and give direction to my life- in fact, I have been setting weekly themes each Sunday for the last 2 years- it’s a fun way to direct my energy during the week. Having a broad spectrum theme of which your specific goals fall under helps with the “goal setting overwhelm” discussed above. Themes may range from “professionalism” since you are choosing to focus on your business, branding, or corporate positioning. Maybe your theme will be “See the Beauty in All Things” as you begin to digest your own self-talk and create a more optimistic approach to life. Perhaps your theme is “Athleticism and Strength” since your mindset is a champion but you know your physicality is made for more. The options here are endless but I suggest you think about your purpose, passion and desired outcomes and come up with something that feels right for you. Then write it down. Then look at it daily.

My personal theme for 2019 is “Growth Through Passion

3. Find a Dream Team or Accountability Group/Partners and VERBALIZE YOUR FRICKEN’ GOALS & THEME– People with written goals are 42% more likely to achieve them than people without written goals. Telling a friend increases the rate to 78% more likely. Common! Tell your Tribe! Speak up, girlfriend!

There has got to be someone in your life who is rooting for you and it’s best to share with them what the heck you want for your life and your year. Hire a coach, get a mentor, become goal-setting buddies with your non-flaky BFFs and speak those flippen’ words. Hey, I own a wellness company and you could always hire @perfectfit4u. I’ll goal-set the crap out of ya.

4. Have FOLLOW THROUGH and don’t just quit on yourself– sounds pretty obvious but when shit doesn’t go perfect, people tend to throw in the towel like they expected everything to be smooth and seamless at all times. Goal setting is really fucking SIMPLE, but it’s not easy. SO, don’t be a flake. Don’t be a quitter. Don’t give up on yourself. There will be a point say… March… April if you’re lucky, when no one will really give a shit about your resolutions anymore and most people will forget what you said you were going to do- but you, you didn’t forget. You will know what you set out to do and you damn well will know if you quit on yourself- and it doesn’t feel good. You need to show up for you and have follow through, for you. Your year depends on it.

If you’ve set a goal this year to become and do better like I have- I’ve got your back- and I suggest we become friends real quick ‘cause I LOVE goal setters and I LOVE rooting for others success.

If you want to support me from the sidelines, please follow me on Instagram OR leave me your email address by subscribing to the blog.

If you want a coach, mentor and wellness team that can aid in helping you reach your goals in 2019- The team at Perfectfit4u and I would love to help you.




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