I refuse to be your “#body goals”- Let me explain:

 If you’re reading this… thanks already.

Because I preach health, nutrition & all things balance- the more I share the progress my body has been making as I pursue my own fitness goals, the more I feel inclined to make it clear to my online audience that the physique I have right now, is requiring a “tunnel-visioned” approach, an ALL inclusive approach, a COMPULSIVE approach: not one accompanied by the happy, healthy, balanced slogan on which the foundations of @perfectfit4u stands. I am currently an anomaly amongst my fitness-loving staff and community as I attempt to take my bodies conditioning to the next level. This isn’t my every day, for-the-rest-of-my-life body and routine. I’m busting my ass here! This body will not be like this forever and I’m totally cool with that.

I’ve had multiple (very flattering) DM messages and compliments given as of recent from other women who have noted they want to “look like me” or “have my body”. I’ve received messages saying things like, “body goals” or “my post-baby dream bod” or the best, “tell me your secrets”. And although I REALLY do appreciate genuine compliments (I promise! I do!)- the more I receive attention in this regard, the heavier it’s feeling on my heart, and this is why:

I pride myself in embodying a healthy, balanced, motivating fit-sister. I want to inspire my fellow Perfectfit4u community and online audience, and right now I am feeling a little un-authentic. A little bogus. A little phoney.

I don’t want to give my fit-tribe the impression that I am actively practicing the same health, nutrition, and fitness advice I provide at Perfectfit4u. I am currently pushing my body more than the average joe, or, Joe-anne, if you will. My expectations of myself are an exception, not a commonality.

This ain’t a happy, healthy, balanced, sustainable, maintainable life-long body you see here & I want y’all to know that. I LOVE my body. I love it no more or no less than the one I had at my wedding, at my last Femsport competition, or at the end of my honeymoon after 3 weeks of pure gluttony. I love my body- but I also love to challenge it’s aesthetic nature and see what it is capable of. I am a self-disciplined bio-hacker, my body is one of my many projects. This to me, is fun.

To be very frank: the physical body my soul currently rests in (trippy thought, right?) is currently 13% body fat: a level noted as “RISKY” for a woman of my age and stature. Unreasonable? You bet.

BUT, it is important to note, that I have the proper knowledge and experience to comprehend what it takes to achieve that body type, and even MORE to my advantage, I have the knowledge and understanding on how to effectively DE-diet (reverse diet) that body in a progressive and healthy fashion. The ebbs and flows of body composition are OK with me.

Previous photoshoot done in the midst of a previous reverse diet. I am about 17 lbs. heavier in this photo than current.

SO, today- I felt it necessary to jump through the screen and own the fact that my current body is being created by working out (A LOT) and eating in a very structured fashion- OH, AND it’s required some damn good effort and willpower on my part. Kudos, to me.

The amount of time and energy devoted towards lowering my body fat % and achieving a particular physique is pretty immense and it’s NOT feasible for all bodies, for all body types, or for all mindsets.

So, let’s just be super clear here so we’re ALL on the same page:

If you want a body “like mine” (which genetically is impossible, but you can always have your own version of your best) then you MUST consider the amount of time, effort, and energy that goes into creating it, and THEN decide if it’s REALLY worth it. Do you ACTUALLY want a body like mine? ‘Cause it might make your life SUCK. Listen up!

There’s a reason why I only devote 16-weeks per year to peaking aesthetically- it’s ‘cause A LOT of times, the sacrifices are NOT worth the reward- that’s the truth. Pick your battles. This shit is hard. This is science, math, fatigue, discipline, mindset, willpower, recovery, knowledge, doubt, confidence annnnd fun.

I’m a COACH not just a “cheerleader”- so if you’re looking to achieve a body that you’ve never had before and generate your highest level of conditioning aesthetically, then I’ll be honest with you about the path to getting you there, and then I’ll root you on as you go.

You can do anything you set your mind to, but your mind also needs to be realistic. It then needs to be primed to understand what is going to be required of you. For everyone, the requirements will vary to some degree.

If you think a sub 15% body fat look is what you desire, and you ACTUALLY want to know “my secret”- then get ready to go to work, hard. And EVEN if the energy and time requirement for you is feasible, often times it STILL wouldn’t be practical, safe, or nutritionally optimal.

Here’s the honest truth as to what I have learnt while trying to hit my personal body composition goals:

  1. You must be meticulous in your nutrition approach, whatever that means for you.

To be real, I have eaten basically the same 5-6 meals for the last 12 weeks, every day at basically the same time, each and every day. I haven’t had a sip of alcohol for over 4 months, I didn’t eat Christmas dinner with my family, I didn’t enjoy birthday cake a my siblings birthdays, and I generally avoid social and public food-situations unless they’re mandatory or I am obligated to. I have a company (@Nutrimeals) that cooks & portions my food to ensure it hits my mathematical guidelines, and I eat out of Tupperware- a lot. I’m never physically hungry but often mentally craving a rush of savoury, salty or sugary goodness- and of which ALL of these temptations I am fighting, but never caving into.

Let me be clear: I consume 2000kCals per day with 35% of those calories coming from high fibre carb sources- I’m NOT physically starving myself AT ALL- but mentally, I’m often ravenous to eat something JUST for the sake of it and not because I am obliged or because it “fits”.

I’ll enjoy my grapes, my raisins, my bananas, my Aussie bites, my sandwiches and my trail mix once my goal has been met, and I am OK with that.


  1. You’re gonna “waste” a lot of time doing cardio.

Right now, I do approx. 2.5-3 hours’ worth of steady state cardio per week, and this is on top of, or outside of, my resistance training workouts. I can catch up on TV shows, listen to podcasts, or jam to music, but it’s still A LOT of time, not getting anywhere. For others, this might be even longer, for others, shorter. Get yourself a coach who will be honest about their expectations for your cardio ‘cause it CAN take over your schedule and your sleep if it gets out of hand. You can view my 5AM morning cardio routine daily on my IG story board.


  1. You must be ready to show up and MOVE your body with purpose and intensity, often. 

Currently, in addition to my 2.5-3 hours of steady pace cardio per week, I have an online program designed for me by the best trainer I know (my husband, @bobbybigggs) in which I have 60+min resistance training sessions to complete on my own in conjunction with HIIT sprints- AND in addition to my solo workouts, I hired the best trainer I know that I’m NOT related to in any way (@justinduursma) to work with me 2-hours per week to give an extra push- he’s kicking my ass. I also attend a 90min hot yoga class (@harvestyogastudio) at least once, weekly. Getting super lean without execution of your workouts or training? Not happening. This workout schedule is hefty folks and was designed for ME with MY goals in mind. If your physique goal is similar to mine, you need to know what you’re up against before you begin.

Screen Shot 2019-02-25 at 7.44.12 PM

  1. Your social life might take a backseat.

As much as I continue to put myself in social situations, they are always accompanied by a slight sense of worry or anxiousness. Can I eat my food there? What kind of snacks will be around? Will people care if I don’t indulge in their cooking? Will I be the only one staying sober? Will people think I’m narcissistic for being on a diet when I’m already fit? Do people actually support what I’m doing, or do they think this is all vanity? I continue to show up anyways, but who likes to bring their stress with them anywhere.

  1. You will NEED to get your head right.

If you still have weight to lose between the ears (AKA your judgements, insecurities, fears and phobias of your own gifts and abilities) then we NEED to get that shit figured as a FIRST priority. There WILL be points in your fitness journey where your body will fight you by refusing to progress- your mindset then needs to be ready to defend and move you forward. Your spirit, soul and energy ALL need to be committed and confident in your ability to succeed with your goal- ‘cause you can only run on “excitement” and “motivation” for so long.

Remember, “motivation” is NEVER there when you NEED it. You must be prepared to fight your own head.


– – – –

Focussing on body composition as a goal is different than training for Femsport, it’s different than running a half marathon, than coaching Food School lectures, than receiving a 4.0 GPA, than planning a wedding. It’s just a DIFFERENT goal and therefore, it requires different parts of me.

I am willing and able to devote the 3 hours to cardio, 6-7 hours to of weight training, 24/7 to food monitoring, prepping, preparing and executing of a program each week. Right now, my lifestyle allows for that- but it doesn’t always. You need to be smart in timing your goals with your resources and other life commitments.

There is a reason it’s been 3 years since I’ve stepped on a bodybuilding stage- I was growing a business, planning a wedding, buying a house, travelling the world, living my life- I didn’t have the resources and time to devote to an extreme aesthetic goals – and right now, I do.

SO- before you compare your body to mine, ask yourself:

Do you have your own gym attached to your office? ‘Cause I do.

Do you have a mom that is a bodybuilder that walks around genetically ripped? I do.

Do you have a company that preps and portions ALL of your food and drops it at your door on Mondays? I do. 

Do you have your own personal trainer to push you? I do. 

Do you have a spouse who understands the journey and supports you tirelessly? I do. 

Do you have friends to workout with, to text when you’re in a rut, friends who refuse to see you fail? I do. 

Do you have a University Degree and 6+ years of nutrition education and experience to back you? I do. 

Do you have a body composition machine that consistently tracks your progress so you can manipulate your approach? I do. 

Do you own your business where you can move and shift your weekly schedule to adapt better to your training routine? I do. 

Do you live in a household with double-income and no kids? I do. 

So, how dare you compare your life to mine, your BODY to mine, your journey to mine? How dare you “want to be me“. Unless your genetics, resources, knowledge, lifestyle and passions are the SAME as mine, you cannot cast judgment or even attempt to expect that of yourself. Having “body goals” without knowing the effort behind those goals is a shot-in-the-dark. Be realistic with yourself.

What I want from this, is for all the women out there who are looking at my photos as something to aspire to- to understand where I am coming from, to understand the amount of sacrifice that is often accompanied with these changes. I want you to know that my lifestyle ALLOWS for this type of physique, my environment allows me to PROSPER with my goals, and I have the resources, knowledge, genetics and tools to make it happen in a healthy way.

I never EVER want the showcasing of my hard work and my image online to make another women feel lesser of herself or inferior in any way. I want to serve as a source of motivation, but never EVER an expectation.

“The only person you need to be better than, is the person you were yesterday”

Thank you for reading, leave me a comment, a LIKE, a subscribe or come say HELLO & FOLLOW me on Instagram!


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  2. This is really awesome, Ashlyn! You truly are a beautiful human being…and not because you’re at 13% body fat! (Although, wow! Your hard work and dedication to your goal is incredible! Congratulations! ❤️💪🏻). You are real, you’re honest and passionate, and I’m inspired by you, because of that and what you stand for! I am so looking forward to chatting with you Wednesday!


  3. ‘How dare you’ comes across pretty intense…

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