Messy Action: Just Take It: ‘Cause we won’t get anywhere just wishing for it.

I’ve spoken to A LOT of people lately, women in particular- who have been having paralyzingly anxiety when it comes to taking action on their goals. They’ve got all the tools, all the support, all the knowledge. They know what they gotta do but somehow find themselves trapped in a fog of massive overthinking (which is often accompanied by a crippling “what if I fail?” headspace). This refusal to take action, admittedly, is the biggest road block on their journey to having whatever it is they’ve dreamed of. They’re stuck. Moving forward in life but yet still in the same place. Concrete boots. Full armour. Stuck like glue. Immovable. 

This seems to holds true in all areas that require bold behaviour and discipline: School, career shifts, weight loss, and money making. What you RESIST will PERSIST by virtue of that resistance: so, let go of that painful tension and focus your energy on moving forward. Two feet & a heartbeat. One action step at a time. Trudge THROUGH the shit. 

It’s all fine and dandy to brainstorm the life of our dreams, to jot down affirmations that sound phenomenal, and to break down audacious goals into bite size pieces. I dig the goal-setting process: y’all know that. 

I also know that you can have the most stylish bullet-journal and the best coaching team around: but if ya ain’t DOING the steps each day- your waisting your money on Indigo journals and stationary and likely high-priced knowledge you’re refusing to implement appropriately. Don’t join the program if you’re not going to EXECUTE the program: ya know what I mean? 

You can buy a “leg day” tank top and wear it daily but unless you get your ass under the squat rack or into the gym, your “booty gains” are going to be negligible. 

You can hire a coach and fiddle-fart around making the perfect portioned controlled meal plan, but unless what you’re putting in your mouth is paralleling what you created on that paper, don’t flip-out when the results you calculated aren’t arriving. 

You can create the best study group, have all the extra online resources and buy the most high-tech computer: but unless you invest your time and attention into learning that shit- you’re not gonna fly through University. 

It’s easy to journal and schedule and prepare and plan and gather your resources ready to take on the world like superwoman. Planning is fun. Whiteboards and agendas with stickers and cute highlighter pens are the shit: But at SOME POINT: ya gotta just GO for it. Bite the bullet. Take action. Actually MOVE forward. The “doing” world is much different than the THINKING world.

Stop writing, wishing, talking and tracking and take ACTION on the damn thing you know you need to do. Breakthroughs often follow breakdowns: so pick up your shambled pieces and put em back together better than before- THEN, fight like hell for what you want. You are what you repeatedly DO- not what you THINK about doing.

Only YOU know at the end of the day whether you took action, or whether you scrolled through IG stories instead. Only YOU know if you ate like shit, skipped the workout or didn’t give 100%. You know YOU and THAT matters. It is imperative that you impress the person you spend the most amount of time with: and that’s YOU, girlfriend. You owe YOU success. You owe YOU effort, sweat, change, happiness, progress. 

So, my advice for tackling the daunting emotions that often accompany setting big goals? OR ANY goal for that matter:

TAKE THE ACTION, take MESSY action if you must. MOVE forward without knowing the answer. Not all risks are calculated and THAT IS OK. Don’t remain paralyzed with fear. Follow through. Write it down and ACTUALLY F*CKING DO IT THIS TIME. Show up for yourself. Impress yourself. Stop the planning process and do the thing that you know ya gotta do. Progress IS happiness and progress requires effort.

Haven’t you noticed that everything you’re after is always later? Never now

Perhaps it’s time to take that leap: fear and baggage and shame and all. 

After all, you ARE what you DO: not what you “say” you will do. 

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  1. Thank you!!!


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