A Lesson In Body Image I Took From a Whale…

If you’re reading this: thanks already.

Yesterday my husband and I explored the Hawaiian coasts on a Whale Watching raft. Not only did we come within 3 feet of these amazing creatures, we were gifted mounds of knowledge about these mammals: some of which I NEEDED to share with y’all. So here you have it- a coaching moment compliments of the Humpbacks I have so dearly befriended:

Right now in Hawaii, whales are fit AF. They’ve migrated from Alaska an incredible 6000 miles and they’re living it up: making babies, partying, singing: life is good.

Whales are essentially living off the body fat they stored previously whilst chillen’ in the freezing Alaskan waters all winter. They’re currently eating minimal krill, hustling around the island, and their bods are getting all sorts of shredded. I get it, who doesn’t want to bring their best physique to Hawaii? They’re onto something.

Getting lean in those Alaskan waters isn’t smart, and staying unconditioned whilst travelling 6000miles (one of the largest migrations for ANY mammal species) would be next to impossible. They store body fat for half the year, they then have a goal (6000mile trek to Hawaii, consisting of 6-8 weeks of unreal cardio and non-stop swimming), and they then begin to diet/fast to achieve said goal. They get leaner, they hustle to Hawaii, they then store body fat again, and the cycle continues, yearly. Feeding grounds to breeding grounds and along it goes.

iPhone footage taken off our boat on the “Hawaiian Ocean Rafting Whale Watching Tour” in Maui, HI.

As one of the smartest and most relatable animal species: they set a precedence for the way human nature intended for us to live our lives: Have a goal, train hard, get lean: THEN: REST, RECOVER, store body fat, eat higher influxes of food, then run the cycle again: WHEN IT’S TIME. Every human body: unique to its own metabolism and musculature, has a cycle. 

Dieting and training in cycles and stages is mandatory to achieving both progressive AND sustainable results. Whales know it. Mammals without body image issues know it. WHY don’t we, as humans, know it? 

Why must we diet ourselves down and demand to maintain it, for LIFE?

Why must we accomplish a goal only to go “onto the next” without revelling in the achievement in the first place?

Why must we expect ourselves to be faster, leaner and stronger in a linear and progressive fashion?

Why must we diet, train and restrict only to be surprised when our body battles back with a vengeance?

Why do we expect 6-pack abs under our Christmas sweaters and yet also showcased amidst a 2 piece bikini in July?

Why do we expect our Bod Pod charts to show consistent steady declines without the waxes and wanes seen on nearly EVERY medical device known to man? 

There is a TIME and a PLACE for dieting, training and getting lean and “ALL-THE-TIME” is NOT it. 

The world, the seasons, the weather, the animals, the heart, the hormones: they ALL have cycles. It’s the way the world turns. And YOUR BODY sister, is no different. It requires time. It requires space. It requires understanding. It demands cyclic behaviours without mental resistance.

“Without the rain there is no beauty in the summer. Rain gives depth, it gives beauty, and it gives roots. If a plant is only exposed to sun and no rain, it becomes dry, flimsy, and dead”

So the next time you go to tuck your tummy into your high waisted leggings that you fit so much better in August: don’t fret it, girlfriend.

Fitness comes in waves.

Dieting is done in cycles. 

Body fat peaks and declines. 

Nitrogen and carbon circulate between air, ground and living things.

Flowers bloom when they’re ready.

Rain brings about rainbows.

Butterflies ain’t born butterflies.

And no matter WHERE you are in YOUR cycle of life: REMEMBER- you are JUST as significant, cool, noteworthy and important as ya were when you felt your bod was rockin’. 


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Now here are some bonus Whale clips from my iPhone ’cause I am currently obsessed:

iPhone footage taken off our boat on the “Hawaiian Ocean Rafting Whale Watching Tour” in Maui, HI.
Underwater iPhone footage of a Whale next to our raft. If you listen closely, you can hear his “song”

2 responses to “A Lesson In Body Image I Took From a Whale…”

  1. Love this! Great way to relate how nature intended it!


  2. they seem to be the perfect role models. whales are incredible


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