When This is All Over

If you’re reading this, thanks already.

Today’s blog is a little different as it combines my creative passion for writing, current feels over COVID19 and a little rhythm and rhyme. This is my first shot at “slam poetry“: a new form of writing I’ve recently found interest in both consuming and creating.

Along my quest for more Slam Poetry knowledge, I found there are few rules and minimal guidelines when constructing poetry of this type. A Slam Poetry competition requires poets to produce and present their own work to a panel of 5 judges, who score them on a sliding scale of 1-10. The guidelines are the following:

1: The stuff has got to be original and presented by the original writer.

2: The poem needs to be a maximum of 3 minutes in length. In real Slam
Poetry competitions, you get a 10 second grace period to this.

3: The writing should be relevant and composed of themes that people can
relate to.

4: The poem should have rhythm that is shown through a passionate

So, I wrote a slam poem, I think?

I am the original writer. I present it below. The poem should take about 3
minutes to read or listen to. The poem is definitely relevant, and if you
choose to listen to the audio below, I will perform it for you… with passion,

Anyways, this post is much cooler as an audio in my opinion: so let
me read it to you with love by listening here:


Otherwise, my first slam poem is below for your reading pleasure! If you like my writing vibe, leave me your email and subscribe for more.

When This Is All Over– By Ashlyn Gunderson

When this is all over, ⁣

we will all move a little closer,⁣

we will squeeze those a little older,⁣

and realize,  “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.⁣

We will finally go to the store,⁣

and stop taking portraits at our front door,⁣

we will walk on renovated floors, ⁣

and bask in the joys of the outdoors. ⁣

We will emerge from the house with no nails or lashes,⁣

men will be sporting their new moustaches,  ⁣

and I won’t be the only one worried about my finances. ⁣

We will have watched every Netflix series,⁣

heard of all the conspiracy theories, ⁣

lived like hillbillies, with grizzlies, way out of the city: ⁣

but don’t have any pitty, I ain’t guilty: it’s kept me thrifty. ⁣

I’ve spent days and weeks just my husband and me,⁣

oh and obviously,⁣

you cannot forget about Louie,⁣

yup: our little family⁣

just. Us Three.⁣

My days are filled with workouts and clients,⁣

business assignments and constant refinements,⁣

doing my best to live up to my requirements. ⁣

After this month, I’ll be ready for early retirement. ⁣

I’d like to come out of quarantine with a new skill,⁣

a clean house and donations sent off to goodwill.⁣

a business still standing: all of us laughing, dancing, finally advancing: no more collapsing or need for constant adapting: yup, I see us lasting. ⁣

This time of pause could be for a reason,⁣

a time where we all must sit with our demons, ⁣

no matter your region, you’ve said goodbye to your freedom: ⁣

I mean, unless you’re from Sweden. ⁣

When it’s time to emerge from our homes and see one another,⁣

we will all come out of this a little bit tougher ⁣

the kisses and hugs you will give your grandmother, your chancellor, your janitor:⁣

OH the things you will add to your calendar!

You see there is hope for us all, coming real soon:⁣

just like you can’t have the sun, without the moon: ⁣

perhaps it will be July or maybe even June, ⁣

but we will all be immune and we can press RESUME. ⁣

we can get off ZOOM,⁣

marry all the brides and grooms,⁣

put down your brooms, ⁣

get out of your room, ⁣

stop being gloom, ⁣

you won’t be sleeping till noon. ⁣

This too shall pass” and we will only have memories,⁣

of how my husband entered his thirties, the 15 HBO documentaries, the need for necessities, the love for the elderly: the pandemic of the century. ⁣

So take a deep breathe and just enjoy today,⁣

meditate, run, smile, pray. ⁣

Give thanks to the world for fighting for us all, ⁣

from New York to China to Montreal. ⁣

We’re all in this together, so just do your part:⁣

I have all faith COVID19 is something we will outsmart. ⁣

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