My Mother

If you’re reading this: thanks already.

This year, the whole world needed to get creative on how to best spoil our mother’s on their special day. This year, more than ever, my mother deserved the greatest recognition.

Without money, without company, without food or flowers: I put together a slam poem to show my love for the woman who raised me. With her permission, I’d now like to share this emotional compilation with my online audience.

Below is the 5 minute audio-card I created for my mother to show my love and appreciation. Please click the link below, have a listen, and show your support for my writing:


My Mother

my mother is like no other, 

the love she shares is always in colour,

she plays the role of scholar, doctor, father, barber.

My mother will make you wonder:

is she 40? 30? or even younger? 

she’s always a hugger, a little vulgar, a bit of a sucker, a mouth like a trucker, spaghetti for supper, an impeccable runner, a lover of summer. 

My mother does it all, 

despite being 5 foot two, 

if you only KNEW the shit this woman has been threw, 

and not just this year, but her whole damn life, 

she’s gone against the grain, as a mother and a wife.

And if hard times can make you stronger,

then this woman deserves the Oscar:

and not just because she’s a talker, 

also cause: she-makes-fabulous-,daughters. 

You see, a call to my mom will never go missed, 

she’s there in a heartbeat; you wont be dismissed, 

Oh, the length of her texts when you know that she’s pissed,

the laughter that comes when we sit and reminisce,

It’s scary- she knows me more than anyone else, 

sometimes she knows me, better than myself 

I’ll often open my mouth, 

and low and behold: my MOTHER pops out! 

When life gets crazy, she’s the one that I call on

she gives a certain kinda love: a kind I can only get from my mom,

OH, just how cute she is in her dollar store glasses,

driving to the gym, as slow as molasses,

giving her best at all the Tik Tok dances, 

rolling energy bites in abundant batches, 

the love she has: it’s spread to the masses. 

If I’ve learnt what love is, it’s because of mom,

a dynamic kind of love, the kind that brings you calm. 

a kind of love she only possesses for her children, 

a kind of love that can’t quite be written, 

a kind of love that leaves you smitten, 

bring home another kitten, 

steal some things and almost go to prison,

confess your business vision, 

make bad decisions, 

steal her prescriptions, 

barely listen,

over cook the chicken, 

don’t clean the kitchen, 

spray tan for competition, 

a heart red as crimson, 

this isn’t fiction, 

forget million,

MY MOM is one in a billion.  

Happiness is: seeing your mother smile

and it’s unfortunate, I haven’t seen it in a while, 

and although I cannot feel pain for her, it will only make it worse,

and no I cannot heal for her, but I can love the parts that hurt. 

And if there’s one thing I know: it’s my mom is tough as nails, 

and the more shit life throws at her, the more she will prevail. 

So these words are for you mom, spoken every bit so true, 

and instead of looking to the sky today, 

I want you to look ahead of you,

your kids are here for you mom, 

and no, we’ll never replace Stu, 

but you need to know we’re in this together, 

and believe it when I say: “we’ve got you” 

Our family dynamics haven’t quite been maintained,

but there is ONE thing that has always remained, 

it’s the love from our mother that runs equally through our veins. 

Without her I wouldn’t have Morgan, 

Avery, Kris, Noel or Jack, 

those people who bring light to my life, 

the ones that have my back. 

It’s her DNA that connects us all, 

she’s given me built-in best friends,

the kind of connection that doesn’t come easy,

the kind of love that transcends. 

So, Happy Mothers Day Mom 

this is how I choose to express my love,

we’re all wishing you the greatest day today:

from Earth and up above. 

2 responses to “My Mother”

  1. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Brought me to tears. Happy Mother’s Day Sandy.

    You are an incredible daughter, Ash!


    1. Thank you! She deserves it!


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