This Home…

If you’re reading this: thanks already.

Below is a slam-poem that was created for my mother as a tribute to the home in which I was raised. In July 2021, after nearly 25 years, our family home was SOLD and a rush of emotions ensued for us all.

Below is a verbal compilation of my memories and thoughts that came to mind as this chapter of life came to a close. I voiced this poem to my family on the day of the move as we toasted champagne and celebrated new beginnings.

If you’re more into audio (especially when it comes to reading poetry): let me read this to you by clicking HERE

Come up from the hill and just take a right-

then make your way about “Indian Battle Heights” 

and nuzzled away in the culdesac you’ll find,

10 Cayuga Place: a home that was once mine. 

I grew up in this house,

and it grew old with me, 

20 years of smiles, laughs, tears and unforgettable memories. 

The day Kristen came home from the hospital,

the grad photos taken on the front lawn,

birthday parties and Halloween bashes, 

I just can’t believe this chapter of life is done. 

These walls saw screaming matches, 

these walls saw laughing till it hurt,

these walls saw second chances, 

these walls saw death and rebirth. 

This home looked after our family,

this home provided for me, 

this home always welcomed others, 

this home vowed to an open door policy

This is the home I brought my first boyfriend, 

the home I’d march my barbies down the hall, 

the home I came running to when life was a disaster, 

the home where Morgan learned to crawl.

This is the home where ghosts are welcomed,

the home with Jacks hamster buried in the yard, 

this is the home that hung many antlers,

the home where “Bella” always stood guard. 

This is the home that holds our laughs:

that kitchen table has seen so many, 

this is the home where I remember Stu’s face,

maybe that’s why my heart feels so heavy. 

This is the home I came to as a little girl, 

the home that mom would spend hours keeping clean,

the home that always had the pool,

the home with the netted trampoline. 

This is the home we’d decorate for Christmas,

the home with the green kitchen turned white, 

the home where I’d sit my ass on the counter, 

the home where Stu fell down the stairs on the first night. 

This is the home that held deer-jerky snacks, 

the home where I wiped out on my bike, 

the home with hot tubs in the garage, 

the home that cooked spaghetti on Thursday nights. 

This is the home I brought my husband, 

the home I’d introduce my daughter to, 

the home that has seen it all:

everything this family has gone through. 

This home has seen cancer,

this home has seen pregnancy tests,

this home has seen Noel’s water break,

this home has seen Ashlyn’s arrest. 

This home has seen painted furniture, 

this home has seen floods and new floors, 

this home has seen hugs and heartbreak, 

this home has seen baby giggles and slamming doors.

This home isn’t just 4 walls, you see:

it’s so much more than that.

This home isn’t just 5 bedrooms,

a big yard and 3 baths.

This home is a family keepsake,

a place that raised us kids to grown,

this home is our parents love story,

a place where we’d never feel alone. 

This home has done it’s job for us:

it raised our entire family- 

and as we outstretch our lives anew,

we should do so happily, 

‘Cause what we leave behind here,

can follow us down the street, 

it can follow us into new homes,

new cities, new master suites, 

cause what we leave behind here,

is memories stored within, 

memories we will cherish forever, 

memories that will make us grin. 

Memories that only our family knows, 

memories that will last a lifetime, 

memories you can call upon for laughter,

memories of feel good moments- anytime, 

So thank you to this home: 

you’ve given us life’s greatest gift, 

it was time together- all 6 of us, 

it now seems so short lived. 

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