WEDDING SPEECH: Boundary-Crossing Stories & Heart String Tugs

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This is my Maid of Honor speech that was delivered at my best friends wedding. It comes with a few smiles, a couple boundary crossing stories and a few heart-string-tugs that deserve a permanent place on the blog. 

I hope that you have a bestie in your life who comes to mind when listening to this one.  Hold them close!

I’d like you all to think for a moment: about the instant Amber came into your life. 

Maybe it was a smile across a classroom, a handshake in a corporate environment, a grunt across the gym, a drink or doobie amongst friends or the welcoming of her into your family.

For me, I met Amber in a semi-professional environment. I sat cross-legged at my desk awaiting the arrival of my next client whom I could hear speaking with my receptionist in a pitch much higher (and faster) than necessary. She entered. 

Blood shot-eyed, blond haired and bushy tailed: Amber sat across from me at my desk. 

“And your name is… “ I began to fill out her client information on my desktop. 

“Amber Siemens” (she enunciated the “SIE-MENS”) … you know, like the sperm” – she continued with a smirk. 

I exhaled with a slight giggle and moved forward with the questions. 

“Are you currently taking any medications?” I inquired.

“Well not any prescribed ones but sometimes I smoke weed and take Ritalin to study” 

Amber’s authenticity was now shining and I was intrigued. “I want to be this girls friend” I later reported to my husband as we discussed our new Perfectfit4u members that night. 

We completed her fitness history with a few more giggles and after some back and forth emails, Amber hired me as her nutrition coach- while of course, always asking to pay in cash to avoid taxes. A trend she continues in any situation possible. 

It was through my coach:client relationship with Amber that I started to learn a lot about her character. 

Amber always asked questions, she advocated for herself, she stayed disciplined to the plan and loyal to the process of transformation and she put her trust in me fully. She listened intently, worked hard and never complained. 

And I hate to try and take all the credit: but I think we can all agree by looking at Amber tonight… the plan worked. 

From being Amber’s coach, I learned: 

Amber doesn’t quit when things get hard. 

Amber shows up.

Amber never backs down. 

Amber finishes what she starts. 

As our coach:client relationship continued- our friendship blossomed as well. 

What began as a financial investment in Amber’s health was now compounding with interest for us both. 

Friendship with Amber ran deeper than any other friendship I’ve had.

Amber is type of woman that you want in your corner. Amber loves to give compliments, to root on others, to love, to support, to connect. Amber’s a team player. Amber is full of adventure, shes full of fun and crazy ideas and rapid text messages and Pink Whitney shots and worm dance moves and she will likely spill on your carpet or stain your dress or bring a knife on a plane or leave you face to face with a moose or sustain a severe shoulder injury from a pool party in Las Vegas. But she’s always down for a good time. Amber likes to make people happy- and when people are happy, Amber’s genuinely happy for them.

In contrast, Amber’s also the type of friend that will pick you out of the dirt. She’s the flower-sending, call-you-daily, clean-your-house and roll you protein balls kind of friend. She will never turn down the opportunity to tell you how she feels and she has no problem showing affection with a “thanks man” or “I love you, man”. 

Amber will call you repeatedly when she knows your down (even if you don’t want to talk), she will rally support for your small business and she will forgive you without words after 6 months of the silent treatment. 

Amber will cook you one of the three things she knows how to cook, she will hold your newborn baby while you shower  and she will love and treat your family and kids as her own. 

Amber will pour love, care and compassionate into you when you can’t pour into yourself. 

From being Amber’s Friend I’ve Learnt:

Amber doesn’t quit when things get hard

Amber shows up. 

Amber never backs down. 

Amber finishes what she starts. 

By progressing in my role as Amber’s coach to her best friend to now MOH: I’ve had the privilege of watching her transform from the infamous Amber Siemens (like the sperm) to Mrs. Amber Bennett.

I can recall Amber telling me about a guy from school she was seeing and mentioned she would be bringing him as a date to my house-warming party. 

And that night Amber did as she always does… she got blackout wasted. 

And I watched (as I always do) as Amber chugged back drinks, danced her heart out, wormed across my kitchen floor in a short dress and sang every 1990s rap songs at the top of her lungs.  

And there Kerry stood: simply mesmerized by her craziness. He nodded along as she danced, cheered his beer with her 10th lemon drop shot and applauded with a smile as Amber mooned the party.  

And I thought, “I like this guy”- And this guy… clearly liked Amber. 

Soft and subtle to her rough and tumble, Kerry appeared to be an unlikely match but killer catch for my friend. 

These two began bonding over their love of grizzly bears, their dogs, money management and Two Guys Pizza, it became apparent that Kerry was sticking around. 

This love story matured from two bright eyed University grads with the hots for one another to a common-law relationship equipped with a home full of dogs, to an engaged couple planning a wedding amongst a pandemic. 

And then today: to a husband and wife who have committed forever to one another. 

I have watched Amber and Kerry fall in love, run from bears, hike mountains, flip sea-doos, fight and kiss and love and plan this wedding albeit every. fricken. roadblock. 

And yet here we are: no one has noticed that the groomsmens vests aren’t the original colour, that the flowers were picked up yesterday or that the sage green napkins are not from the same wholesaler as the chair sash.

It is very apparent that all anyone has noticed: is the love the two of you have for one another, and how absolutely beautiful my best friend looks tonight.

By watching Amber become a wife I have learned:  

Amber doesn’t quit when things get hard

Amber shows up. 

Amber never backs down. 

Amber finishes what she starts. 

So today marks the beginning of your life together- and the end of a saga of phone calls and text messages from Amber about her wedding. *prayer hands* 

Today is the day I get to stand and shout and honour my very best friend: Amber Elizabeth KAREN Bennett: who is  

If fiscal as fuck, firey as hell and the first person I’d want backing me in a fight.

So tonight I invite you all to raise our glasses to the bride: 

A wife who will never quit when things get hard

A wife who will always show up

A wife who never backs down and 

A wife who always finishes what she starts

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