If you’re reading this, thanks already.

Thanksgiving weekend provides a yearly reminder to be grateful. We indulge in excellent dinners with our families, spend quality time with those we love and share Instagram posts with captions detailing exactly what we are grateful for this year.

I wonder what kind of world we would live in if gratitude was common practice for us all?⁣

I think we’d all have better friendships. Deep, to the core, I-got-your-back and I-love-you, type friendships.⁣

I think our kids would make us smile more. We’d slow down and cherish the gift of motherhood, and all the moments passing us by in a blink. Less stress, less guilt, less rush. More giggles, more patience, more love, more presence.⁣

I think we would spend extra time with our families. We’d have more appreciation for those who are “always there”.. until they’re not. We would hang onto those moments that at one time, seemed so simple: phone calls from grandma, coffee with mom, dinner with Dad, conversations with grandpa. ⁣

I think we would have stronger marriages. Lengthier conversations, more patience and understanding, more cuddles and slow dances and sex and aimless drives to nowhere. The little things that build the big things. ⁣

Better friendships, ⁣

Superior Motherhood, ⁣

Stronger Families, ⁣

Greater Marriages. ⁣


The world deserves so much more of that.⁣

Thanksgiving is over, but the gratitude can stay. 

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