If you’re reading this, thanks already.

Last winter, my husband and I travelled for the first time with our (at the time) 9 month old daughter. Our trip included 16 days at two different all-inclusive resorts.

Between my husband and I, we’ve made a list of our top tips for other parents heading south this winter: 

1. You are allowed 2 checked items for your baby (including: playpen, stroller or car seat). We did NOT need a car seat for the plane and opted just for the stroller.

2.  Call/email ahead of time and request a crib or playpen at your hotel/resort.

3. Baby food & formula is allowed on your flight and in your checked bag. We use pre-mixed liquid formula and there was no issues bringing it (until we ran out and switched her to powdered half way through the trip which we mixed with bottled water). 

4. Pack some of your baby’s detergent and wash their clothes in the sink/shower and hang to dry to avoid bringing 100 outfits and sleepers. 

5. Bring a baby monitor that runs on wifi or download the app “Luna”- this app worked better than our Motorola monitor and cost us less than $15. 

6. If within your budget, book a room with a swim up suite: nap times become fun time for mom OR request a ground-level room that backs onto a pool or general area where Mom and Dad can hang and baby is safe and close. 

7. As with any travel, bring LOTS of snacks & shows downloaded to a tablet or computer (bonus points for Bluetooth baby headphones).

8. Roll with the punches: Not everything will go ahead as planned. EXPECT DELAYS.

9. Read the fine print on your travel itineraries and download all the apps and necessary forms BEFORE getting to the airport. Most apps (like ArriveCAN) will use wifi to download your information. Save ~30 minutes and do this for your family – its not something you can do at baggage drop!

If you are hesitant on travelling with your little one, just book the trip! It may require more planning than a child-free trip, but I promise you: It will be worth it.

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