It’s About Connection

If you’re reading this, thanks already.

When we’re little: we think life is all about things. ⁣

Baby dolls and Barbie cars and new light up running shoes. The new Nintendo 64 game and Toys R Us shopping sprees. The collection of “things” fills our soul.⁣

Then, as we mature: life becomes more about experiences. ⁣

That next trip we will take, the crazy things we will do, our first’s of everything, the stories that will outlive us- anything in the name of adventure and bucket lists (and oh, maybe a few too many drinks). Backpack Asia, jump from planes, party all night in Las Vegas- do it in the name of saying, “yah- I did that”. My number of cool experiences’ used to define how I viewed my current success and personal growth. ⁣

But now- oh, but now: I know life is truly about relationships. ⁣

The people that showed up when your Dad died, the ones that held your newborn baby while you showered, the friends that support your small business, the family members that pour love into your child, the siblings that have become best friends, the parents with whom you savour camping trips and early mornings at the cabin and chats over coffee. Relationships have become the new currency of my happiness. ⁣

It’s so easy to get caught up in our own immaturity sometimes- believing the next new car, upgraded home, fancy computer or iPhone will bring more satisfaction to our lives. It’s easy to think jet setting and international sunsets and crazy antics will sustain a joyous life. ⁣

When you look back on your life- the highlights won’t be about your collection of things or experiences: it will be about the people. ⁣

Because life is about the connections. It’s about the community. It’s about feeling cared for and having meaningful conversation.⁣

Life is about building and nurturing relationships. ⁣

Deep conversation.⁣

Heart-filled caring. ⁣

Fascinating connection. ⁣

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