I Choose to be a “Best Case Scenario” Girl

When thinking about the grandiose and often scary things we want in this world: it’s so easy to default to the WORST case scenario mindset. ⁣

What if… it rains on my outdoor wedding day?⁣

What if… no one shows up to my party?⁣

What if… the man I love leaves me?⁣

What if… I write the book and no one reads it?⁣

What if… I sign up for the event and I fail? ⁣

You get my drift. ⁣

It’s so easy to let our minds spiral into a vortex of self pity, anxiety, overwhelm, what-ifs and what-it-never’s: but it‘s not getting us anywhere. ⁣

Putting ourselves in a mode of struggle by mind-trapping thoughts of disbelief will never move us closer to our desired outcome. ⁣

Life changes drastically when you give yourself permission to plan for the outcome you want. ⁣

What if… I fall in love and have a happy marriage forever?⁣

What if… I have the most genuine and true friendships? ⁣

What if… I publish a novel and people love it?⁣

What if… I sign up for the event and have the greatest time?⁣

What if… I try and succeed?⁣

What if… everything I want is on the other side of this fear? ⁣

It’s OK to own what you want. It’s healthy for our growth to own what we want. It’s imperative for our mental health to own what we want. ⁣

What if the BEST thing that could happen, happened?: why can’t we start asking ourselves THIS question?

If it doesn’t work out: you can deal with that later- but why spend all the time stressing and waiting for something bad to happen? What unnecessary baggage to hold. ⁣

Remember, “You will find what you are looking for”⁣.

So, start looking for what you truly want: and stop trying to prepare yourself for anything other than the best outcome.

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