Things I’ve Learnt From Competing

If you are reading this, thanks already.

Here’s a list my 20-year-old self made when reflecting on my first season attempting “bodybuilding”… I still think many of these items still apply 🤷‍♀️… Do you? ⁣

– If I do the same thing day after day I will eventually achieve a said result.⁣
– Small habits compound, with interest. ⁣
– Waking up at 5am on the daily can be done. ⁣
– I can go months without drinking alcohol.⁣
– I thrive off structure and routine. ⁣
– I overeat carbs if I under eat carbs. ⁣
– Waist trainers make my guts churn ⁣
– Spray tans and diuretics change the way you see your body. ⁣
– Loads of veggies and vitamins make your skin look flawless. ⁣
– You’re never gonna think you’re lean enough. ⁣
– Stop doing LISS cardio when mom says to stop doing LISS cardio. ⁣
– You should walk in high heels, a lot. ⁣
– My lower back will hurt. ⁣
– Confidence matters.
– Judging is hard.⁣
– Placings are irrelevant. ⁣
– Work hard when no one is watching. ⁣
– If you’re contemplating between 2 weights: try the heavier weight first.
– Rest days are actually necessary and exist for a reason. ⁣
– Food is fuel and also your friend. ⁣

Reflecting back on this list, I learned so many key takeaways right off the hop. As a competitor, you’ll never forget the lessons learned during your first prep.

While coaching my prep team this spring, I aim to instil as much of my experience, education and passion for the sport of bodybuilding into my athletes. As a coach and an athlete myself, it is an amazing feeling to be able to guide other athletes and witness their success in this sport.

My biggest takeaway to date? Don’t forget to take it all in. Every moment, whether it be glamorous or.. not so glamorous, offers a lesson to be learned or a memory that may just spark a smile years from now.

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