I’ll Never Forget..

If you’re reading this, thanks already.

I’ve been a business owner for nearly a decade…⁣

I’ve coached hundreds of men and women from across the world…⁣

I’ve released a mosaic of different program offerings and coaching types… ⁣

I’ve made friendships and coach:client relationships that will last a lifetime…⁣

And no matter what, I’ll NEVER forget those who supported me first:⁣

– The people that put their trust in me when no one else had.⁣
– Those that sent me an email before social media photos and followers even existed. ⁣
– The people that then told their friends “yah, my coach is great- maybe she can help you too”⁣
– The people that let a 21 year old with minimal experience help them transform their life. ⁣
– The people that invested in me without any certainty. 
– Those who spent the first few hundred dollars at my new business with a hot pink logo and solo bedroom desk. ⁣
– The “early adopters” of Perfectfit4u who initiated my ability to do what I love for the last 10 years. ⁣

Whether we still talk daily, remain Facebook friends or barely have contact at all: please know – I’ll never forget that you gave me a shot before anyone else did. Whether YOU remember or not: I do ❤️

You gave me my career.⁣
You gave me a vision.⁣
You gave me the ability to wake up and do what I love every. single. day. ⁣
You gave me a platform to learn, grow and discover myself through. 

You did that for me: I’ll never forget those who supported me first. ⁣

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