Visualize Your Goals Into Existence

If you’re reading this, thanks already. One of the many titles I hold and ONE of the most important to me (after Mom and wife), is “Coach Ashlyn”. When I am Coach Ashlyn, I get to help people. I get to guide them to reach their goals, set new ones and to dig DEEPER. Many of the women who initially seek my guidance, want help with losing X amount of pounds.

When a client shares a goal with me, such as “I want to lose 30 lbs.” I may often question their intention. ⁣

“OK, tell me what’s going to be different about your life when you lose 10, 20, 30, 50 lbs?”⁣

Those who showed up ready to commit to lasting change: THEY KNOW. Their eyes light up. They can explain in detail their vision of their life as a healthier, fitter and more confident woman: ⁣

“I’ll look in the mirror and I’ll smile, I’ll commit to the excursions with my kids on vacation, I’ll wear this pink bikini from college that has a little strappy thing right here and my husband will be buying me LuLu Lemon pants in a size smaller. I’ll feel lighter and in control and not ravenous or fatigued or bloated or crashing at 3pm. I’ll put my hands on my waist and I’ll like the way it feels”⁣

These are the women who have a vision that PULLS them. ⁣

As Jim Rohn says “REASONS come first, ANSWERS come second” those who know their reason can often seek their answer. ⁣

When you’re unaware of what the big picture is, what your purpose is, what your vision is: you’re constantly pushing: You’re walking through life in concrete boots, you’re going against the grain and into resistant energy. This PUSH motivation doesn’t last.⁣

But, being PULLED on the other hand… now that the sweet spot. Being PULLED by something greater than ourselves is a requirement to lasting change. ⁣

✨Being PULLED requires a vision ✨⁣

And when you have that vision: I encourage you to speak it into existence, to integrate it into your daily habits and to take action to hold it as your own. ⁣

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