I Love a Challenge

This month at Perfectfit4u, we had the honour of presenting one of our hard working transformation challengers with $2000 in cash and prizes after being named our “Transformation Challenge WINNER” .

But, what I absolutely love about the Perfectfit4u Transformation Challenge isn’t the prizes, the finale and the HOO RAH celebration of monetary wins. I love the community, the rawness, the triumph and celebration of others successes and the shared support of others struggles. I love the learning, the morning motivation, the personal development, the mental toughness, the self acceptance. ⁣

I love hearing stories of better partnerships, better parenting, better sex, better friendships. I love the increased confidence, the pride, the realness, the joys in conquering daily struggles and the vulnerability of fighting the small demons that used to win our mental health battles. ⁣

I love our challenge because people don’t just change their pant size or their skin complexion or their workout routine: they change their belief in themselves, they reassess their values, they better prioritize their health, they become familiarized with a new version of themselves or perhaps re-acquainted with a version they lost long ago. ⁣

Our challenge isn’t for fitness experts, or only for those who need to lose 100s of pounds. Our challenge is for the struggling mom who wants to better manage her self care- and her grocery list; the collegiate athlete who lost their sense of self and needs direction and competition again, the dad looking to take better care of their family because his health and energy has been secondary, the student who can’t manage their routine and needs to dedicate themselves to more than books and exams, the fierce corporate mogul who crushes life at work- but still hasn’t got this fitness thing quite figured out yet. ⁣

This will be Perfectfit4u ‘s 16th time running our challenge- each time with improvements and growth. So if you’re looking to join a crew who’s going to support a wholesome all-inclusive transformative experience in 2023: I’m quite certain I’ve found the place for you.

Click here to come join me January 30th, 2023. ⁣

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