Hey Sister,

Step into my world where I get vulnerable AF and share experiences that may make you cringe, make you laugh, teach you something special or offend you ever-so-slightly. 

Are you a woman that can’t be put into a box? A woman who blasts rap music on her way to the farmers market? Or who has a standard 9pm bedtime but is still down to dance on tables twice a year at girls night? Do you feel that main-character-energy when “Stacy’s Mom” comes on?

If you answered yes to any of those.. We are going to be fast friends.

Head over to my blog to cringe, laugh, and learn while I bare my soul as Authentically, Ashlyn. 

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Authentically Ashlyn Podcast

E2 – That Time I Manifested 6 Figures Authentically Ashlyn

Ashlyn goes all in about manifesting and the law of attraction as she dishes the dirt on growing her business to 6 figures in its first year. She talks all about her start in personal development and gives some inspiration and tips on how you can start living the life you want to. -About Ashlyn- Ashlyn Gunderson is a mom, wife, business owner, life-long learner, and lover of all things words. In the last decade, Ashlyn has established herself as an academic and health expert who specializes in all things personal development and growth. Outside of growing a family and a business, Ashlyn enjoys pouring her passion into reading books, creating poetry, writing blogs, and sharing her most authentic self with her virtual community of listeners. -Our Business- Perfectfit4u Health Coaching works with clients all over the globe to achieve their personal wellness goals through customized virtual coaching services. Perfectfit4u transforms the health and the lives of its members by providing supreme knowledge, unmatched accountability, and continued support. -Things Heard on This Episode- Book a Bod Pod with Ashlyn – Ashlyn's Personal Development Course – Ashlyn's Soundcloud – -Connect with Ashlyn- Facebook: Instagram: Youtube: TikTok: Website: Email:
  1. E2 – That Time I Manifested 6 Figures
  2. E01 – The Opening Act
  3. E00 – This is Authentically Ashlyn

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About Ashlyn

Ashlyn Gunderson is a mom, wife, business owner, life-long learner, and lover of all thing’s words.

In the last decade, Ashlyn established herself as an academic and health expert who specializes in all thing’s personal development and growth.

The stories and experiences shared on her blog and podcast capture Ashlyn’s passion for storytelling: through her journey of love, heartache, loss, friendship, celebration and gratitude, Ashlyn shares her life from an authentic and poetic perspective.

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